ALMECdiag is ALMEC s.p.a. telediagnostics, interconnection and satellite geolocalization system.

The SPN9 controller is an ECU which can handle up to 48 inputs and up to 40 outputs.

We turn ideas into winning solutions

ALMEC designs and manufactures electronic control units, PLCs, operator panels, keypads, radio remote control, radio control receivers, actuators, remote diagnostics, satellite interconnection and geolocation systems, as well as angular security sensors.

Our products

Our electronic products have always been characterized by reliability and resistance.
Our products easily adapt to work in harsh environments …

… where working conditions severely test the strength of the components. For this reason we have been chosen by many manufacturers in our country as reliable partners.

Our devices are installed on board of refuse collection vehicles, hook loaders, aerial platforms, cleaning vehicles, agricultural machines and earth moving machines.

Control units


Push button

Operator panels

Radio remote controllers

Angular sensors




Software programming platform for electronic control units and plc, standard IEC 61161-3 (ST, LD, IL, FBD and SFC)


Telediagnostics, interconnection and satellite geolocation platform, combined with gateway installed on machines.

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