Among ALMEC‘s progress in enriching and innovating its automation systems, there is also the modernization of the systems dedicated to cranes. Let’s break down the components here below.


ALNW wired pushbutton panel or AL50C wired console: These are the control interfaces for the crane, allowing the operator to command its movements and functions using wired connections.


SPN9, SPN6, or SPN6M master electronic control unit: These are master control units responsible for managing and coordinating the crane’s overall operations and movements.


SPN5M slave electronic control unit: This is a slave control unit that works in conjunction with the master control unit to assist in controlling specific crane functions.


ALNWR radio transmitting pushbutton panel or AL50R radio transmitting console: These are wireless control interfaces that utilize radio frequency to communicate with the crane, providing greater mobility and flexibility for the operator.


RDC EVO radio receiving electronic control unit: This electronic control unit is responsible for receiving and interpreting signals from the wireless control interfaces (ALNWR or AL50R) to execute commands on the crane.


MVS.B3E or MVS.B4E operator panel: These are operator panels that provide a user-friendly interface for crane operators to monitor and control the crane’s status and operations.


TRS.184 or TRS.ALMX angular safety sensors: These are angular safety sensors used to detect the crane’s position and ensure safe operation by preventing collisions or unsafe movements.


ALMECdiag Device modem and ALMECdiag Portal: The ALMECdiag Device modem enables communication between the crane’s automation system and the ALMECdiag Portal platform. The web interface on the ALMECdiag Portal allows customers to remotely access real-time data, diagnostics, and management features for their cranes.


Sensors of various kinds: These sensors play a critical role in the crane’s automation system, providing important data for monitoring and ensuring safe and efficient crane operation.


With these technological advancements and components, ALMEC has enhanced the performance, safety, and efficiency of its crane automation systems, providing customers with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for crane control and management.

Below is a graphical illustration of a typical system.