Telediagnostics, interconnection e satellite
geolocation platform




ALMECdiag is ALMEC s.p.a. telediagnostics, interconnection and satellite geolocalization system, based on two elements: the ALMECdiag Devices, which are the devices (IoT Gateway) to be installed on the machines (construction machinery, waste
management machinery, agricultural machinery, transport machinery, etc.) and the ALMECdiag Portal platform, on which are created the portals of the client companies which they will use and will be able to make their customers use (with credentials, userid and password) as a web interface with the devices installed on the machines.


ALMECdiag allows to perform on the machines:

– telemetry
– parameter consultation and modification
– firmware update
– black box
– usage statistics and forecasts

– geolocalization and alarms detection
– daily displacement tracking
– corrective maintenance
– preventive maintenance
– predictive maintenance


With ALMECdiag it is possible to access the
universe of Internet of Things (IoT).
The focus is double: reduce maintenance costs and increase machine productivity.
Registered users access the portal via userid and password, via pc, tablet or smartphone.
Interconnection allows to receive and analyze data, transmit files, information and instructions.