ALMEC has enriched and technologically innovated the composition and operation of its automation systems dedicated to stationary waste compactors. The entire system communicates via the CANopen protocol and it typically consists of the following components:


ALNW Wired Pushbutton Panel: This wired control panel allows for the control of various functions of the stationary waste compactor.


PLC.163DSP (with display) PLC and I/O expander PLC.239: These programmable logic controllers (PLCs) serve as the central processing unit for the automation system. They manage the control panel’s information and commands and coordinate the other components’ operation.


ALMPO SMALL Operator Panel: This operator panel provides a user interface for monitoring and interacting with the waste compactor system.


ALMECdiag Device Modem: The modem, connected to the waste compactor, enables the transmission of data and information about its operation to a dedicated portal developed for the customer on the ALMECdiag Portal platform.


Various Sensors: ALMEC integrates a variety of sensors to monitor and collect data on different variables relevant to the waste compactor system, such as fill level, pressure, temperature, etc.


Below is a graphical illustration of a typical system.