From now on, the snow plows and salt spreaders of PELAZZA, a company based in Mappano Location in Caselle Torinese (To), will be characterized by ALMEC electronics.

These are control consoles based on SPN5M control units and MVS.B3E operator panels.

The SPN5M controller is an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which can handle up to 16 inputs and up to 16 outputs.
Easy to program, through C programming language or the ALMEClab development platform, it can be implemented in a serial line (RS232) or a CAN network, as MASTER or SLAVE.
The polyurethane resin case makes the controller suitable for use on machines that operate in harsh work environments.

The MVS.B3E operator panel is suitable for landscape/portrait recessed or standalone installation.
The adjustable backlight and the high resolution of the LCD display allow an optimal reading of the texts and functions of the machine, in any situation.
Using the Linux operating system, the operating logic and the graphics are easily programmable.
It can be implemented in a serial line (RS232) or in a CAN network, as MASTER or SLAVE.

There are 2 version available, with different features.