The ALMEC SPN5M electronic control unit has obtained the ISOBUS certification.

REI, on behalf of AEF (Agricultural Industry Elecronics Foundation), has recently released the “ISOBUS Conformance test report” to ALMEC.

ISOBUS is the communication protocol regulated by standards that allows to manage the communication between agricultural tractors, software and agricultural equipment (“implement”) of the main agricultural machinery manufacturers, to allow the exchange of data and information with a universal language through a single control console or operator panel integrated in the tractor cab.

The ISOBUS protocol is the result of an agreement between the main producers of agricultural machinery and equipment to solve compatibility problems, standardizing and regulating the communication between different machines, regardless of the manufacturer.

Thanks to ISOBUS, the tractor cab therefore becomes an authentic on-board computer, which allows you to manage the implements and the machine, guaranteeing the exchange of information.

February 11, 2022

Centraline SPN8 per Casagrande s.p.a.
Centraline SPN8 per Casagrande s.p.a.