Some models of dredgers and dredging systems of DRAGFLOW s.r.l., a company based in Roverbella (Mn), will henceforth be equipped with the Industry 4.0 system of remote diagnostics, interconnection and satellite geolocalization ALMECdiag.

ALMEC provides the system with the collaboration of the partner LSOFTWARE, based in Porcia (Pn), which takes care of software development and technical assistance for this customer.

This system is hinged on two elements: the ALMECdiag Devices, which are the devices (IoT Gateways) to be installed on the machines and the ALMECdiag Portal platform, on which the portals of the client companies that will use and will be able to use their customers are created as a web interface with the devices installed on the machines. The ALMECdiag Industry 4.0 system allows you to do on the machines: telemetry, consultation and modification of parameters, data storage, usage data and forecasts, movement tracking, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

June 22, 2022

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