Some vehicles means for the production and pumping of traditional screed of CAMS MACCHINE s.p.a., a company based in Borgo Maggiore – the Republic of San Marino, which mainly manufactures mini-excavators and skid loaders, will henceforth be equipped with the Industry 4.0 remote diagnostics system, interconnection, and satellite geolocation ALMECdiag.

This system is based on two elements: the ALMECdiag Devices, which are the devices (IoT Gateway) to be installed on the machines, and the ALMECdiag Portal platform, on which are created the portals of the client companies that will use them and can have their clients use them, as a web interface with the devices installed on the machines.

The ALMECdiag Industry 4.0 system allows doing on the machines: telemetry, parameter consultation and modification, software update, data storage, usage data surveys and forecasts, movement tracking, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance.

In the case of CAMS, the ALMECdiag system will work with a Siemens electronic weighing system, a Siemens plc, a Siemens operator panel, and a Profinet/CANopen converter gateway, thanks to a special firmware customization developed by ALMEC on the ALMECdiag Device.