Some models of machines set up by APM s.a.s., a company based in Caivano (Na) focused on waste compactors and hooklift trailers, will henceforth be equipped with the Industry 4.0 system of remote diagnostics, interconnection and satellite geolocation ALMECdiag.

The automation systems that ALMEC has been supplying to APM for some years are based on SPN6 electronic control units and operator panels previously ALM04 and now MVS.A3EBT.

ALMECdiag is ALMEC s.p.a. telediagnostics, interconnection and satellite geolocalization system, based on two elements: the ALMECdiag Devices, which are the devices (IoT Gateway) to be installed on the machines (construction machinery, waste management machinery, agricultural machinery, transport machinery, etc.) and the ALMECdiag Portal platform, on which are created the portals of the client companies which they will use and will be able to make their customers use (with credentials, userid and password) as a web interface with the devices installed on the machines.

ALMECdiag allows to perform on the machines:

– telemetry (reading of all sensors, actuators and limiters);
– parameter consultation and modification (remotely, with temporary or permanent effect);
– firmware update (remotely release of new versions);– data storage (display of the collected data, with export on Csv or Excel files and identification ofparticular events or anomalies);
– usage statistics and forecasts (actual working data and estimated residual life of some components);
– geolocalization and alarms detection (view of the position and state, in operation or not, withalarms);
– daily displacement tracking (in operation or not);
– corrective maintenance (intervention following the signaling of a machine malfunction or following amore serious event with the consequent machine shutdown);
– preventive maintenance (identification of the critical components of a machine and then, accordingto a schedule, intervention to replace parts or components, regardless of their conditions);
– predictive maintenance (identification of parameters that are measured and extrapolated, usingappropriate mathematical models, in order to identify the time remaining before the failure).
With predictive maintenance it is possible to identify incipient anomalies early, allowing bettermanagement of the machine’s operation and avoiding heavy economic repercussions.
The analysisof the health status of the machine allows not only to anticipate the occurrence of a fault, but alsoto effectively direct maintenance resources where the machine requires it.
With ALMECdiag it is possible to access theuniverse of Internet of Things(IoT).
The focus is double: reduce maintenance costs andincrease machine productivity.Registered users access the portal via userid andpassword, via pc, tablet or smartphone.Interconnection allows to receive and analyze data, transmit files, information and instructions.

– Download datasheet ALMECdiag System
– Download datasheet ALMECdiag Device