ALMEC has designed, developed and built the automation system of the HOCTOPUS EAGLE ONE special machine.

HOCTOPUS s.r.l. is a company born as an innovative start-up in 2019 in Bra (Cn), in order to exploit the patent of Alessandro Guidetti, one of the company shareholders. The patent relates to the invention of a special multi-purpose vehicle with a load compartment that can be extended up to 33 square meters of floor space, which can be towed by a car and dedicated to mobile catering (high quality street food, with restaurant kitchen). Among the shareholders of HOCTOPUS s.r.l. there is ROLFO s.p.a., a company that manufactures this special, very fascinating machine.

The automation system consists of: ALNWR radio control transmitter pushbutton, RD.CAN radio control receiver control unit, SPN5M master control unit, 4 SPN1 slave control units, 8 proximity and related wiring.

December 6, 2021

Centraline SPN8 per Casagrande s.p.a.