Photovoltaic installations for companies are constantly growing.

In recent years, in fact, more and more companies are betting on clean energy and even ALMEC has decided to invest in this direction by installing a system able of produce clean electricity.
After few months from the installation it was already possible to find a competitive advantage over the purchase of traditional energy sources. Installing photovoltaic system represents a green turning point for a company that allows you to find the best solution in terms of savings, reducing energy costs and optimizing production costs.

The electricity that we are able to produce is defined as clean as it is free of any greenhouse gas emissions, unlike fossil energy sources, highly polluting.   It’s calculated that, for every kilowatt hour of photovoltaic energy produced, it avoids the emission of more than 500 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As for the energy used for the production of photovoltaic modules, it is estimated that 9 times more is returned by the modules themselves, over their productive life.
ALMEC is proud of this choice and this investment.

September 3, 2021

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