ALMEC becomes part of BIOPMED

BIOPMED is an Italian innovation cluster dedicated to life sciences and healthcare. Managed by BIOINDUSTRY PARK, it is based in Colleretto Giacosa, near Ivrea, in the province of Torino. Its more than 90 members and a community of more than 400 players represent the entire healthcare value chain: universities, R&D centres, start-ups and SMEs, large multinationals, foundations, local healthcare providers, dedicated training institutions and specialized service providers, all the cluster members share a common vision and a strategic approach towards development. bioPmed strategy is based on 4 main pillars of action: Innovation, Global Business Development, International Positioning and Competence Development, which are pursued in order to support the competitiveness of its members and of the Region through a set of dedicated services. Personalised healthcare represents the main paradigm, while special skills and expertise can be found in the areas of cardiovascular diseases, dental technologies, bones implants, diagnostics (especially imaging), IoT & connected health and at the blurring borders between health and complementary technologies such as agro-food, biotech, new materials, ICT, nanotechnologies and other. BIOPMED is strongly connected at international level with a network of partners which covers the 5 continents and is partner of 2 ESCPs (MAGIA and S3MartMed) and of BioXclusters Alliance.

March 18, 2022

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