Where you research, you develop

AL.MEC is a manufacturer of solutions and technology innovations.

To be ready to market requests the company invests updating its personnel, purchasing new equipment and certifying its process.

The company has ISO 9001 certification.

A constant update is essential to successfully act in technology market, for this reason AL.MEC is member of Piedmont Innovation Pole of mechatronics, MESAP and Intelligent Factory Cluster .

MESAP associates the most important and dynamic Piedmont companies operating in mechatronic and advanced production systems sectors. It acts in Piedmont territory to transfer new knowledges, enhance technology skills and improve competitiveness.

The Italian Technology Cluster “Intelligent Factory” aims to develop a strategy based on research and innovation able to orient the transformation of Italian manufacturing sector towards Factory 4.0, with new product and process systems.

Since 20016 AL.MEC is a participating member of CiA and CE Club of COREP Lab. For long time it collaborates with the most advanced research center such as, Universities – Polytechnic of Turin and University of Turin – and with other companies to realize shared projects in Piedmont Region funded programs. Among these projects it worth underline IP-OWIT project, already closed, and DISLO-MAN, still in progress.

IP-OWIT (Internet Protocol for Organic Waste Integrated Treatment) project demonstrated ICT technology application in IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud context in organic refuse collection and recycling. The goal it aimed to achieve was the production of new information for stakeholders in order to improve the service in terms of quality and cost. Beyond AL.MEC, other Piedmont SME and the public administration of the municipality in which tests has been run.

DISLO-MAN (Dynamic Integrated ShopfLoor Operation Management for Industry 4.0) project aims to realize an ICT platform for integrated, dynamic and autonomous management of high automation productions processes in order to optimize resources (people, materials, production systems).

DISLO-MAN platform will be composed by different horizontal hardware and software modules suitable for several sectors and by vertical modules suitable for two different supply chains with high impact on the territory: car manufacturing and food. Among project partners there are: Polytechnic of Turin, University of Turin, ISMB, large companies such as: FCA, Ferrero, SKF, together with a selected group of SME of ICT and industrial automation sectors, between which AL.MEC appears.

Intensive interaction, knowledges and experiences exchange contribute to technology transfer and information diffusion, keeping inside the company a stimulating environment full of synergy opportunities.