ALMECdiag – IOT/4.0

Internet of Things (IoT) is the extension of the Internet to the world of concrete objects and places, while the term Industry 4.0 indicates a trend in industrial automation that integrates some new production technologies to improve working conditions and Increase the productivity and production quality of the plants.Our company decided to join the national strategy of digitalization of the factory with its own knowledge in IoT, to provide its customers with new high technology solutions for monitoring and measuring of their machines performances.  

Technology and innovation optimize processes and simplify every type of machine service, maintenance and check.

Today with Industry 4.0 and field operations, data and information provided by machines become more and more important for company growth.

This information must be carefully managed to improve performances, products, cost saving and service reselling. This will generate alternative and innovative business.

Transforming our systems in SMART objects, we can activate diagnostics, REAL-TIME monitoring and propose solutions for ON CONDITION MAINTENANCE or realize custom-made projects for PREDTIVE maintenance.

Our systems are specifically set to be REMOTELY UPDATED.


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