In the heart of technology

An idea: exploit technological competence, experience and passion.
An objective: create innovative electronic systems with high added value.
Here in Dogliani, in the province of Cuneo and in Langhe territory (in the middle of vineyards), in 2001 ALMEC was born.
ALMEC designs and manufactures electronic control units, PLCs, operator panels, keypads, radio remote and control panels, radio control receivers, remote diagnostics, satellite interconnection and geolocation systems, actuators, as well as angular safety sensors.
ALMEC is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Its quality management system is certified by Bureau Veritas.
ALMEC also studies, designs, develops and implements tailored automation solutions for its customers.
ALMEC constantly invests in research and development and collaborates with several institutions towards continuous innovation. The team of company technicians is characterized by high professional skills, strong creativity and energy.
Innovative ideas arise from the continuous contact with real problems and from the need to respond to different customer exigencies. To be always and more in the heart of technology…


Research and Development

ALMEC is part of MESAP – Innovation Pole of Mechatronics and Advanced Production Systems and CFI – Intelligent Factory National Cluster.
MESAP associates the most important and dynamic Piedmont realities operating in mechatronics and advanced production systems. It operates on the Piedmont territory to transfer new knowledge, enhance technological skills and increase competitiveness.
The CFI has the objective of developing a strategy based on research and innovation capable of directing the transformation of the Italian manufacturing sector towards Industry 4.0, with new production and process systems.

Since 2006 ALMEC is an active member of CiA – CAN in Automation, which is the international organization (based in Nuremberg) of users and producers that develops and supports higher level communication protocols based on CAN (CANopen, J1939, etc.)
ALMEC is part of the CE Club of COREP laboratory. It has long collaborated with the most advanced research centers, the University – Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Turin – and with other companies to carry out joint projects in the framework of the funded programs of the Piedmont Region.
Among the projects in which it participated deserve a special mention the IP-OWIT and the DISLO-MAN.
IP-OWIT project (Internet Protocol for Organic Waste Integrated Treatment) was mainly focused on the use of technology in the IoT (Internet of Things). It focused also on cloud for data collection in the separate collection cycle of organic waste from the point of origin to the point of composting or disposal, in order to produce new information useful to the various stakeholders to improve the service itself in qualitative and economic terms.

DISLO-MAN project (Dynamic Integrated Shop Floor Operation Management for Industry 4.0) focused on the creation of a platform for integrated, dynamic and autonomous management of high-level automation production operations aimed to optimize resources (people, materials, production systems).
The DISLO-MAN platform is made up of several horizontal hardware and software modules, applicable to undifferentiated production areas, and vertical modules applied to two high-impact demonstration chains in the area: car manufacturing and food processing.
Project partners included Polytechnic of Turin, University of Turin, ISMB, FCA, Ferrero, SKF, along with a select group of SMEs in the ICT and Industrial Automation field, including ALMEC.Intensive interaction, exchange of knowledge and experience contribute effectively to the transfer of technology and the dissemination of information, creating and stimulating in the company an environment rich of synergies and creativity.